Sunset mist, Ipanema


I’ve been waiting for a grim, rainy Bondi morning to show you more of last week’s Rio trip. Today’s nailed it!

Rio was a great experience. I really enjoyed shooting there. The light, landscape, water and people were amazing to work with. One thing I enjoyed the most was the lack of photographers there. In an entire week of shooting I did not see 1 other pro, amateur or anyone with decent gear. Just tourists and phone snappers. With photography gaining popularity every day, it’s nice to shoot a sunset without 10 other shooters standing next to you or in shot.

I did have a bodyguard (Antonio) helping me mind my camera gear for the entire tour. I assume the lack of shooters had something to do with the petty crime on the beaches. Sad…I know.

Have a good day. It’s 2ish foot and raining.

:: uge

My bodyguard - meet Antonio

Bikini shopping, Rio style

Copacabana, the busiest beach in the world

Doorway envy.

Damn, they're amazing sand castles!

Lapa grime

Downtown, Lapa

Christo, always flanked with birds

Poor Wallis, he's got Zika. Says it makes him mega thirsty

Rich and poor

Post 9 at sunset

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