Factions, Rio de Janeiro

Damp Shoes

Well…ahem…it’s pretty damn wet in Sydney today. It hasn’t stopped raining. I went down the beach and checked it for you. Even though it was a 4 foot south swell with offshores, the ocean was still wild from the recent agitation. Didn’t see a single surfer from North Bondi to Bronte.

So what am I gonna entertain you with? You bet ya…Rio! Oi! I know we’ve been torkin’ a lot about Rio, but I really do have a lot of content from there.

Good news – the rest of the week is looking much better – weatherwise.

Ciao :: uge

Chlorine, square on

Zipper, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

Lone bake

Arpoador, love that joint

He was snoring, midday


Arabs selling drinks on Copacabana

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