One Wave crew celebrate 3 years today

1 Wave

There was a lot going on down at Bondi Beach this morning. More than normal. One Wave, an organisation for all the surfers, sufferers and survivors,  raising awareness for mental health, held their 3rd Birthday celebrations. Good work guys!

The surf was, erm, kinda pumping this morning. I was a little surprised how good it was lining up. Proper. After 1 hour of shooting I raced down with my board and it had gone sour with the lower tide. Not to worry, there seems to be 3 foot days for another week. Best time of year for surfers!

We have started printing the best shots from my Rio trip. I am really stoked with a few of them. They’re not hanging in the gallery yet, but here is the pick of the Rio crop.

: : uge

Mad Max from the local surf shop laying down some heat

This is where One Wave all started...Grant


One Wave crew listening to Uncle Joel

In Bondi we take our drones and our dogs for a walk

Sage, ripping this one open

Chris Little, morning Bondi junkie

Gold plated skirt


Chris Friend, pocket charge

Our Rio Collection is now live and for sale

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