Benny Hamilton making the most of 1-2 foot Manly.


Just for something different I stumbled over The Bridge to the beach side haven of Manly. It’s good on these tiny ENE swell which are neglected by Bondi. Still…it was only 1-2 foot over there. I imagine Bondi was 6 inches.

Sensational Friday morning with perfectly warm water and an abundance of sunshine.

The very manly looking people of Manly are happy. (yes, that’s how Manly was named…after the strong, confident, manly looking indigenous people).

Mother’s day on May 8…don’t forget to get her a pressie – we have plenty of ideas in the @aquabumpsgallery

:: uge

Now that's a big chunk of concrete right on a beach

Supper time, 6:10am, Manly Beach

Shiny surfaces at Queensie

Tommy Carroll, powering through a mid morning wrap. Manly

Skating to the South End of Manly

Queenscliffe pool

Flags at the end of The Corso, Manly Beach

Aussie aussie aussie.

Longboarder drawing out the bottom rake

Mr. Manly - Mark Eymes

Barton Lynch, lefts off the Pipe

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