Hazel bathing in morning light shards


What started off a tad chilly has now bloomed into a magical day. Not bad aye? It’s lunchtime. Go lay on the grass and soak it up.

Waves – tiny. (but a bump coming later tonight)

Wind – nup.

Sun – heaps.

Hair – yeah looks good!

Today’s Aquabumps was shot with a new camera…the Canon EOS 1dX Mark ii. She’s a bewty. She can shoot 14 frames per second (awesome for sport), track in auto focus including video, has a spirit level built inside the view finder, takes the all new Cfast cards (515mb/s) and cooks a mean dinner. I’m the envy of every camera geek rockin’ this bit of kit as it’s just landed in the country and I got one of the first ones. Mine!

:: uge


Hugo and his morning antics

Shoreline folds

Helen from Maroubra cruising to the shore

Can't ask for a better start to a day

Sibena, taking a walk

Let's dance


A crook K-Ron

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