Autumn Hues, Bondi Beach 6:30am

The Valley

Bondi is a popular joint. Not many suburbs have their own TV shows (note: several TV shows). Wherever I travel these days they know Bondi. They might not know it’s in Sydney. But they know Bondi. For 900 meters of sandy beach with sloppy close outs – it’s out there! I’d like to say people come for our pumping waves…but I’m not sure world class close outs cut it. Today – wow, everything closed out before you could even get to your feet. If you like going straight – today is custom made for you! Long period swell = long waits = huge lulls.

For the entire month of May you might noticed an influx in WB utes and blundies around Watson’s Bay. The country is coming to the coast. The annual Taste Orange Food & Wine Festival on Sun 22 May being held at Watson’s Bay Hotel and Robertson Park (across the road). Yeha! more info

:: uge

Mikey Wrights Doppelganger. You will be cutting your hair like this soon.

Chilly but worth it.

Icebergs, always green on a Friday after the clean

Geremy MW Blake

Little Brazilian

Ramp 1.


Nice light on the left.


Close out

Coupla people out this morning

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