Bronte beach guard tower


This morning I saw a Buddhist Monk running along the broad walk in the latest pair of Ray Bans. So Bondi. Robe wafting in the breeze as he motored past. He was quite the Usain Bolt…as I didn’t get a chance to take a decent photo of him. He left me in his wake! This is all I shot.

Well, that was the highlight of my morning, as you can see. The ‘surf’ was dismal. Big swell coming on Friday. As you were.

:: uge

KEEP OUT. No chance.

Bondi rescue setting up for the day

The guardian

Horizon colour

Digger with a warm head

South and North Bondi headlands in the one

Hugo digits on the nasal

Buddhist Monk powering along the front of Bondi today

One thought on “Monk

  1. Probably the same Buddhist monk who was ‘powering’ along the coast walk from Tama to Bondi on Friday and Saturday.

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