Bondi blues, this morning

E F Y *

Today is the end of the Fiscal Year. Doesn’t mean much to many other than hoping for some tax return money.

The waves have gone all quiet. Bondi was struggling at 1-2 foot. Water was warm at 20 degrees whilst it was very cold out (especially before the sun).

If you need some artwork for the office, today’s a good day (Buy today/claim tomorrow). Fill those blank walls with beach scenes. Makes you work harder and reminds you of life outside the office. Browse our online catalogue for ideas. We have art consultants on chat ready to rock. Telephone 02 9130 7788

:: uge

Wolf pack hungry

Soon to be a dad, Ian Wallace

Wal, sunrise taps

Friendy, exhale

Chris Friend on the shred

Heads up

My propulsion devices

Bondi means falling water...

Haninna just cruzing

5 thoughts on “E F Y *

  1. Love the pic of your ‘propulsion devices’.

    I have suspected for a while, the heavy flippers sold for body surfing and body boarding are not ideal and something in-between them and lap-swimming flippers might be better. Any clues, Uge? What are yours?

    1. Hi there. I use and love Vipers long blade from USA. They work so good in tough surf! I use these at Pipeline and Waimea…they get me out of trouble.

  2. Your yellow propulsion devices look remarkably like Viper surfing fins. Back in the day when I surfed bodyboards and bodysurfed, I rode Vipers (still have them) including the original, all black, double bladed model; the best surfing fin ever; instant propulsion with minimal effort and the blades keep your feet in trim. I even have, somewhere in the archives I’m sure, correspondence (letters, snail mail) with Fred Simpson, the Wedge legend who invented Vipers. Brings back many, happy memories.

    1. They are the new Vipers, I love them.

      I lost the old style on a big day…and can’t buy them anymore.

      Cheers, uge

  3. Now that Ian Wallace is soon to be a Dad he may realise that it’s not cool to shout at young kids trying to have fun in the surf. Learn some Aloha spirit Wal!

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