Let there be light!


Today is forecasted to be the hottest day in July, ever. That’s scary. A max. of 25 degrees.

Make the most of these very unusual conditions and take today off work, slap on the OUT-OF-OFFICE and head down the beach. Keep in mind that there is a high chance of rain around 1pm, but other than that, warm and windy.

The waves were small and extremely dangerous crowded. Friday’s are the busiest day of the week  – every wave a team wave.

I went for a swim. Loved it. Nice and clear underneath.

We are still accepting resumes for a vacant sales casual position in our Bondi Beach Gallery. Read this job description and if you tick the boxes, come join us.

Have a great weekend, :: uge

Oh boy, it's awesome what light does when it hits water

Looks like summer. Girls going for a swim


Rail highlights, underneath

Ben Cryan, in hiding

You're not alone out there today

Chasing it down the line


Different sorta split

Would look great on your walls

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