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Let’s Ride…

This morning got off to a very grey start. The residual storm cloud is still lingering. It rained. It drizzled…and it felt warm and cold all at the same time. I’m confused what clothes to wear?

Tomorrow is forecasted for a record breaking 26 degrees. 26 in the middle of winter? Whaaat? I hope you are taking tomorrow off to enjoy a swim at the beach…and pretend it’s summer, just for 24 hours. Shall we do it?

Waves – yeah they’re here. Some fun ones with an all-star cast this a.m.

Ciao ciao. :: uge

Mr. Bondi and Steph

Desmondo Tutu Rielly, up early and enjoying the new swell

Will Whitaker

Recently moved to Bondi, Jason Boon

Perth Standlick, returned from Japan and frothing

Fins out!

Marks Park for the dog walkers

'Sea Love' Blacklist X Aquabumps – Limited Edition

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