Italian floater


It’s pouring with rain outside in Sydney. Nice day to be indoors. I didn’t shoot this morning for obvious reasons. I choose to show you some gold from the Aquabumps archives.

My mother has worked in the airline biz nearly her entire life (and still does). She taught us boys at a young age that travel is very important…especially growing up in a small town…that you need to go see different cultures and places to make you a better person. Well, I’m not sure that worked but it was fun…(Cheap staff tickets came in handy too!)

I hope these photos inspire you to book trip. Don’t wait, if not now, when? Travel opens your mind up. Do it.

Next week, Aquabumps will be broadcast from the snow in New Zealand. Yes, crossing that ditch!

Next month, Italy.

Seeyouse, uge

Draw back, Rio

Copacabana sun bathers

Just a quiet day down the beach in Rio

Inner froth

Beach showers at Post 9

Leblon rocks

3 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Yes travel is wonderful to gain the experience of people and culture, I’m off to Atrani on the Amalfi coast next month for a week before heading to Santorini for a week, before 10 days in London. I also concur with others about the Aeolian Islands as a friends mother is from the outer island of Alicudi which from the photos is just amazing.

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