Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Mickey Ross, on the icy edge this morning.


Wanaka (said wanna-car), is a chilled little kiwi town which is dominated by a huge 192 kmlake. It’s a much more mellower vibe in comparison to it’s bustling neighbor – Queenstown. It’s kinda like the Margaret River (WA) township for snow.

Everyone hits the slopes when it’s on – tools down. It’s in their DNA to ski. The snow at the moment is a 8/10 so productivity has dropped and they’re all up the mountain, hunting a run.

My morning began with a 5 minute heli ride up to a unnamed cliff edge/rock with local photographer Mickey Ross. It would take hours to climb up there…so a Uber heli was superb. The views will be etched into my memory for a long time. It’s like shooting a beautiful model – you just can’t take a bad photo of the Lake Wanaka.

It’s pretty cold here at the moment. In summit wind chill it can get down to -9. Wanaka label Mons Royale make the best merino wool base layers that keep you unbelievably toasty.

I hear the surf is flat and windy back home…so I hope you enjoy these mountain shots.

:: uge

Snow farm...plenty!

$30 a night...but you have to snow shoe in with all your gear.

Under Dogging

Canadian Biathlon squad

Yes! What an incredible view.

Climb for hours or rent one of these from Aspiring Heli.


On top

Nicola King on the fat bikes

The Cardrona Bra wall. Quirky Kiwi stuff.

One way to get the kids around.

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