The Newcastle boys blazing down the hill

Heli Ski

Today’s ‘Bumps comes from the mountain tops near Wanaka, New Zealand. What an insanely beautiful joint. I was fortunate enough to spend the day out the back, Heli Skiing. Basically a chopper flings you up a mountain and you work your way down. In my case, sometimes rolling down. It’s true…my ocean skills don’t translate to snow! I have a new found empathy for the surfing beginners at Bondi. Needless to say, it’s a unique experience worthy of those bucket lists.

Today the conditions were very good. Fresh powder everywhere. I never seen snow like it.

A huge thanks to Harris Mountains Heli Ski, 30 year old pioneers operating in South Island of NZ. Pretty amazing day for under a grand Aussie. If you’re coming over – do it. Trust me.

I know you all read Aquabumps for a daily beach fix…I get it. But the snow ain’t a bad alternative for a few days. I heard yesterday Sydney had some decent swell too…which has now dissipated. Hope you scored.

:: uge

Everywhere I look, I see this

Davey, our guide and mad Scot.

The drop off at the summit


Boys pretty happy up there.

Lone skiier

On the ridge, about to tip over the edge

Pow pow!

The Korean Ski team arrived too! Lee charging down the mountain

Not a bad spot for lunch.

Home drop off...sleep good tonight.

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