Island of Gods

I’m on the move again. Don’t roll your eyes. You’re coming with me. Today it’s Bali, the island jewel of Indonesia. A crazy place, a spiritual place…a party place for lots, a surf destination for others, a place of chill for all.

It’s mind boggling how much has changed since my last trip (which wasn’t that long ago). I’ve been to Bali many, many times like most Aussies…even got married here and once upon a time had an Aquabumps Gallery in The ‘Yak.

The surf at the moment isn’t great. It’s been windy and kinda small. There is always something to surf if you want to spend the day in the car – I kicked back in a deck chair and a ‘Tang after a motorbike around Canggu. Change has been most aggressive around there…the new Kuta! What happened to all those beautiful rice paddies?

Today is the first day of Spring. Wasn’t that a mild winter?  To celebrate the change of seasons, Jane from Floreat Floral is offering free delivery for any flower orders over September. Yes, free delivery. Order away.

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The Sandbar, when did it look like this?


Bump into Bondi people everywhere - Gio from Vida


Sea Circus


Legian solo


Old Mans looks a bit like Kuta nowadays


YES, special price for you.


Sunset, Legian style


3 thoughts on “Island of Gods

  1. Yes, scary how quickly Bali gets buried under development. I had my where-are-all-the-rice-paddies? moment in Seminyak about 8 years ago. Have to hope it’s actually making life better for the Balinese, somehow.

    1. That’s a good point, but the absurdly bad governance in Indonesia means benefits from hotel developments flow to a tiny, elite minority.

      As a result, Bali is probably not the jewel in the crown of the archipelago it once was… but for the willing, the islands to the east of Bali remain magical.

      Regardless of where you go, it is up to tourists to leave the smallest possible footprint, and to reward better practice.

  2. We just love the daily news . After Xmas visit to our son I (Daphne)suffered a heart attack and surgery so do t think we will get there again. So sad about it as we went bush this time,fab. So we now look forward even more to your daily news. Never been to Bali but you bring it to us. tThank you. Daphne and John

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