Underwater Dance

Today I have something a little different for you, a unique series of images shot underwater, of The Australian Ballet, wearing custom Dion Lee. We’ve called this project the ‘Underwater Dance’. We used the new Paper platform on Dropbox to all work together online, as all the parties involved live outside Sydney. Read more about this here on Dropbox’s blog.

Please watch this short video to get a good idea of what we’ve been doing.

All images are for sale from our gallery in limited editions of eight (restricted to only two large sizes). 50% of the profits from this exhibition will go directly to The Australian Ballet.

Underwater Dance will be showing in our Bondi gallery only for one week from today, so be sure to visit us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach.

If you’re not in Sydney, you can purchase these special prints online here.

Special thanks to:

Dropbox for generously supporting this project and providing the infrastructure for us to work together, remotely.
The Australian Ballet, talented dancers were amazing to shoot. (particularly Penny and David McAllister the Artistic Director of The Australian Ballet)
Dion Lee, an iconic Australian fashion designer who made outfits especially for this shoot.
Aquatech, Phil. A deadset legend who greatly assisted in the technical attributes of the shoot.
Visualstate.co for their retouching genius!
and of course Deb (wifie) for dreaming this all up!

:: uge







The Push


Red Dress


Come see us, Underwater Dance is on the walls!

6 thoughts on “Underwater Dance

  1. Fantastic collaboration of experts – each a rock star in their own field. I hope the project generates some great funds for the Ballet company so they can do it each year like the Firemen do with their calendar. Brilliant idea.

  2. Having seen your underwater dance exhibition in Westlife shopping centre, then when visiting your gallery you had a few of the photographs on display. Are any of these available for sale and on what web addrss.

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