In a recent Instagram poll on my feed, we asked where you’d like to see some images from if I was to shoot over to Europe in peak season. 49% said Greece. So here I am kids. Plonked myself in the eye of the storm, probably the best known Greek (party) Island of Mykonos. I know you probably have a favourite in the 6,000 islands of this beautiful country, and so many Aussies have origins here, but this is a quick trip here before hitting Italy.

It’s been two decades since I’ve been on Mykonos. My last trip was quite different from this one (from what vague memories I have). Yes, I’m all adult now. It’s one helluva loose place – people go mental here…bars are open until 6am (and shops ’til 1am in case you need a new Gucci handbag on your way out of the club). August is the busiest month of the year and half of Europe is on its shores. The vibe is amazing, the weather sensational and water clarity A1 – more on that in my next post.

Disclaimer: I’ve lost my reading glasses, so typos will be plentiful. Last night I accidentally ordered a $200 buck pasta @ Scorpios as I couldn’t read the menu! Ha! Yes, old man.


:: Eugene (Spero) Tan – Yes, I have a Greek middle name – long story.





Where rock meets the sea


Mykonos is one huge chunk of brown rock, I love it.


20 years ago I spent a lot of time here. It's nuts.


They have only one colour for house paint - white


The beaches are so different here.


10 thoughts on “Mykonos

  1. Ha Uge!! I also got stung at Scorpios! Appropriate name! Best part was when the waiter demanded a bigger tip. Most expensive sunset in the world, but the vibe is as good as the sunsets!

  2. Way too many Aussies on Mykonos already. Please take photos of Islands where bogans can drink too much and do gear without embarrassing us all. May I suggest somewhere prone to Tsunamis. Thank you.

  3. I have fond memories of the Greek Islands – this part of the world is my “died and gone to heaven” place and your photos are stunning as usual. I’m heading to southern Italy (mainly Puglia) next year can’t wait to see your photos from there!

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