Not a bad spot to spend the arvo! Indonesia

Not a bad spot to spend the arvo! Indonesia

Ombak Tidur

Ombak tidur…the waves have gone to sleep. We’re up here in Mentawais awaiting an inbound swell. Usually, in May, we cop a heap of big surf that is fed by the storms down below Western Australia in The Roaring 40s. The swell charts show promise and the boys on the boat are getting’ twitchy. We’ve had trips where you surf nothing under 4 foot for 12 days.

When I say there’s NO surf…you can still find a head high wave up here. We’re anchoring at super exposed locations that usually are too wild even to check – let alone surf. These swell magnets tend to get busy as the fleet of 42 charter boats congregate.

The lay days are filled with expeditions to paradise, idyllic beaches, like the ones illustrated in the photos here. No names, no humans. Just perfect beaches.

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James Sawyer, quiet time

Keyhole, Mentawais

There's no swell, but places like this still have head high waves




Long walks on white sandy beaches

Darren Stockwell, anchor chain monkey


Ratu Motu


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