Leopard Seal

It’s a frigid morning down there, so cold we’re attracting animal life from Antarctica!

Yes, at 1:30 pm yesterday a Leopard Seal rolled up onto the beach at North Bondi for a look around, checking up on the councils’ progress of the North Bondi renovations and posed for a few cameras.

Mr Seal has some mighty big fangs on him, the apex predator is known to be a little ferocious at times. But this guy was happy getting Instagram’d while catching a few rays. The police and lifeguards sectioned off his own private 50-metre sunbathing exclusion zone. He looked a little sick to me but by all reports he’s fine and animal welfare officers came down to check him out.

Finally, we have half decent waves down at Bondi this morning after quite a flat spell. Waves are in the chest high and occasionally head high range with clean offshores. The morning lower tides were making lines break straight, but more water should do it justice.

Have a great day as the amazing sunshine continues.

:: uge



Tom Naylor nailing the rip bowl in the south


Hollow drops, Bondi


Getting a wave to yourself at Bondi isn't easy these days


Backlit bowls


It may be 7 degrees, but it's still swimmable.

Morning light wraps, Bondi


I'm in, he's out


Fast runners in the south end with Tommy


South Bondage, head high sets


One thought on “Leopard Seal

  1. Hey Eug, this is the second time a leopard seal has visited Bondi. I recall one in the very same spot, perhaps the same fellow, a number of years ago. He must be enjoying it.


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