The Island of Caves

Milos is like a chunk of swiss cheese poking out of the Aegean Sea. It’s full of holes, caves, tunnels and even Catacombs. For such a small island there’s plenty to discover – and by boat is best, many caves and beaches don’t have roads. Pirates used to love this island as they could hide their boats in a tight cove before prancing on their prey.

Me new mate Achilles has a speed boat, and he really likes to drive it fast! Real fast. In half a day you can see all the highlights of the rocky paradise.

My spies tell me the surf in Sydney has gone flat. A bit like The Med is now. :: Uge

Sarakiniko Beach lines

Kleftiko, where pirates used to hide their boats

Not a bad spot to start the day, only accessible by boat

The sea caves are incredible


We're that tiny dot, top right. Milos

Not sure she's big enough


Pretty hectic on that one ladder, the only way in


The entrance


Tsigrado Beach

Cliff jumps at Sarakiniko Beach

Found a beach!


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