How are you doing? Bit restless? Missing your old life, ah-huh. Become a news junkie – I hear ya. Online shopping a new hobby? Yep. Good – keep it going. Started your own Youtube channel? Improved your cooking?

It sounds like all this home isolation has been working well in Australia. Things are looking up – it must be…because this week I purchased a 20 pack of loo paper, didn’t even have to fight anyone for it, and there was 3 pallets and 4 brands to choose from. First time I’ve seen dunny paper for sale in 6 weeks. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Today it’s gonna rain, a decent drench. That makes home isolating a lot easier mentally. It’s also great for those dams, remember that drought in NSW? Seemed like a lifetime ago. Bushfires, those too. What a year so far!

If you’re interested in Surf’n’go there’s a NE swell around. Bondi neglecting the swell source and is smaller, 1-2 foot. Plenty of working-from-homes enjoying a lunchtime wave!

Our Aust-Wide Free Shipping offer has been extended for the duration of COVID19 lockdowns. As our gallery door is shut, it makes sense to deliver to your door (for free!). Have a great day, hang in there, you’re doing great. If you need to chat to us, we’re all online here to answer any questions you may have.

Today’s pics were randomly selected from archives, and images you haven’t seen before, from around Bondi.

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How to get free shipping in Aust from us

Sunrise gazes


Winter chunks






Good morning!


Rough riding


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