Ítalo Ferreira - the man to beat. Mid rote, calm az

Ítalo Ferreira – the man to beat. Mid rote, calm az

Swimming with giants

As the world tour rolls into town, we get a glimpse into what high-performance surfing looks like, on our dribbly Sydney beach breaks. Watch

Narrabeen has sand, the river mouth is open, but the south swell direction doesn’t favour the famous lefts and puts on a very short, semi-close right. It’s small, but the worlds best sure do put on a show. Swimming with all the big names was a great experience as they warm-up for their heats.

The speed that these surfers create, from nothing…and the sections they hit, are pretty jaw-dropping. Italo IS incredible. You know that. He aired over a section right in front of me that looked unmakeable. It looked like childs play to him. Italo will be very hard to beat with these Brazilian-like conditions.

I’m hoping they get some big swell in the Western Australian leg of this tour, just to make it a bit more even and not only about the aerials and one turn waves.

Back to our local, Bondi, we’re blessed with some amazing banks and waves. Like most Sydney beaches, there’s something out there to enjoy – as the sunshine is just icy on the cake. Enjoy Autumn good times.

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Watch Womens WSL

Reef Heazlewood - our version of the Brazillian aerialists

Courtney Conlogue testing out new boards?

My Eurasian Brother, Connor O'Leary (he's half Japanese though)

Jack Robbo - not just tubes and Box - can ride small waves

Adriano de Souza - retiring this year

R-Cal - Ryan Callinan - one of the most active in the line up

Jordan Michael "Jordy" Smith

Griffin Colapinto on fire

4 time world champ - Carissa Moore

Alex Ribeiro, working face

Frederico Morais - tap

Jet wants a mullet now

Bondi had waves, but maaan, it was hectic


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