@griffin_cola did a air pretty much over me today

@griffin_cola did a air pretty much over me today

Finals Day

I swam the Narrabeen WSL comp area at sunrise, and I liked what I saw! It was uber clean with barely a breath of wind, and the swell has gone a bit East, making it break better than other days – more consistent. It’s still only 2-3 foot but there’s plenty of waves at sunrise. The warm-ups were the usual chaos.

It’s finals day, and the comp is on, so don’t expect to do much work and watch it here. After Narra, they’re over to the West for real chunky waves – that’ll sort ’em out. It’s been great having the world’s best surfers in town, not sure it will happen again any time soon when all this Rona biz blows away. Good to see Snapper has been pumping whilst everyone is down here!

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Watch WSL Finals Day

North Narrabeen - Griffin Colapinto - morning mid-rote. 6:30am

Arnie Grainger @manlysurfschool teaching the CT surfers how to do it


Kanoa Igarashi all pumped up for this heat today

Carissa Moore on the first heat of the day

Ethan Ewing carving chunks off the rights. North Narra

The rights were HOLLOW!


Frederico Morais carve turns

Alley tuck under


First light blaze up, North Narrabeen


Airs on the inside

Arnie Grainger


Sally Fitzgibbons up early

Another cracker day for the CT comp


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