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It’s no secret; we’ve had an incredible 5-day run of excellent surf at Bondi (whilst I’ve been dashing across to the WSL comp at Narrabeen). Day after day, multiple banks have been lighting up – which is rare for our 900 metres of south-facing sand. 

Today the good times have ended, the disruptive onshores are here and swell height plummetted overnight. For the 400 surfers who’ve been out daily – it is time to go back to work! Oh man, the crowds have been hectic.

Before the onshores rolled in today, we had a special guest down at Bondi – Connor O’Leary, my brother from another mother – the Japanese/Australian world tour surfer with a very typical Irish name. (Confusing, I know). 

Connor grew up in Cronulla and now resides on the North Coast, NSW. He spends a lot of time in Japan, speaks the language fluently and wears both flags on his competition rashie. 

He’s one of the nicest half-orientals on tour with one of the meanest (and underrated) backhand attacks. 

Next week the WSL magic charter bus flies to West Oz from some raw juice, which will suit the big Japanese/Aussie frame and his power game. 

Stick him on your fantasy tips…he’s gonna explode! That’s if he can get a wave without my little boy dropping in.

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The Pro & Protégé - head high for my boy

The Pro & Protégé

Still warm under water, get in

Tour surfer, Connor decimating the Bondi lefts (1 footers)

Connor O'Leary - a very Irish name, but Japanese/Australian bloodline

Tom Cole, sunrise wrap


Yo Adrian!


My little man

Twelve O'Clock

Springs coiled, CL

Chris loved this one


Shoreline golds, Bondi Beach


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