Polar Blast

Sydney is being blasted by polar air, oh boy it’s cold today (max 11). We’re not used to the claws of winter digging deep, so early. It’s snowing in the highlands.

You’ve probably heard that Bondi Beach Primary was on fire last night at 5 pm. Thankfully it was after school hours and no one was hurt. Whilst our children are rejoicing at an extra-long weekend, the parents are not happy with the thought of homeschooling 2.0. It’s such a tight-knit community down there and it was sad to see it ablaze last night.

Typical of this week the waves are tiny and the foil-nuts seem to be the only shredders tackling the knee-high conditions. I hate to say it, but small conditions seem to continue for another week. We’re bang in the middle of a wave-drought.

Have a good day, indoors. Raining for most of the day and frosty. Get the Uggies out of storage.

:: uge

Bondi Beach Primary on Fire ABC

Bondi Beach Primary was on fire last night. No one hurt thanksfully

Fire crew galore, Bondi Beach Primary last night

Mellow feels at Bondi this morning


Ben Buckler colours



The lifeguards, always watching on

Mim, on a rail, or more like on a wing


Goldie backwash shoreys


I thought it was gonna blow up again - it didn't


The point

Progress on the pavilion renovation

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