Congratulations, you’ve made it past 12 images to the riveting editorial that Aquabumps is famous for – typos, bad grammar and all! My high school English teacher used to read my daily rant – rolling his eyes constantly I bet. Are you still on here Mr. Whitla? I wasn’t the best student, more interested in drawing 10 hours a day.

I digress.

‘Twas a dark and dreary morning down the beach. My morning ritual shoot was halved because of a sudden downpour. It’s not pretty down the beach yet there are some rideable head high waves. It appeared very fat, porked up by the high tide at 5:38 am. Perhaps towards 11:34 am low tide waves will be more fun. (now)

Toledo won the Surf Ranch WSL comp yesterday. I found it a little boring in a wave pool and only watched for 20 mins. Very predictable.

Nubilous – noo-buh-luhs (adjective to describe cloudy of foggy)

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Small gifts from Aquabumps

Highlights package


Corner pounding


Making paintings with my camera


That's about all you will get for a sunrise today


Unridden rights under cloudy skies



The Mutt

Hamish on the lefts


Occasionally lining up well




Out run


3 thoughts on “Nubilous

  1. Thanks again Uge for the photos. Totally agree with you re the wave pool – boring as – give me the unpredictability (and beauty) of the ocean any day

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