Bondi has returned back to its La Nina grey self, unfortunately. This morning it was still drizzling and the skies were dark. A few little waves for the groms but nothing spectacular. You’re not missing much today…yawn.

Tomorrow, well, tomorrow I’m expecting glorious sunshine and grooming offshores. Now ya torkin! Tomorrow you REALLY should pop down for your Friday swim or have a watch of the Bondi SurfAid Cup.

I was going to post 12 very lame grey shots of Bondi, instead, you get 2 lame Bondi and some outtakes from our recent Lord Howe Island jaunt. My inboxes are full of msg’s about Lord Howe…popular joint! I will be releasing a collection of prints available very soon – right after I comb through the terabytes of images I shot in 5 days on the volcanic outcrop.

Today’s the last day you can back our Aquabumps team (closing at 3pm Thu 5 May – that’s in a few minutes), raising money for Surfaid. Thank you to all those that contributed – you’re the best! We really appreciate it.

:: uge

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South end lefts, Brynn-dog finding a good one (he's like 30kgs)


Some Lord Howe images by popular demand

Island vibes, Lord Howe


You see about 100 rainbows a day


Reef exploration


Lord Howe. It's rare to see the peaks without cloud.


This island looks like Jurassic Park


Swim under a 551m high sea stack - biggest in the world, in the middle of nowhere?


This place is so laid back

Ponton laze, Lord Howe

Gower and Lidgbird - take you 8 hours return to get up em


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