2 x Phews.

PHEW 1) Finally, the ultra-humid muggy weather has blown away with a fresh, crisp, new southerly today. It’s now much cooler and less Singapore-like. It’s also stirred up some swell, onshore mush (shoulder high), but it’s bigger than yesterday’s dribblers. Semi-surfable (even though Will found a tubey which was a freak).

PHEW 2) The kiddos are back at school! Thousands of parents are running around the streets screaming FREEDOM! We love the little monsters, but now you can finally get some work done, sit in a cafe and relax!

All eyes are back on Hawaii as the Pipe Masters waiting period has kicked off, and they’re waiting on a swell. When? Maybe a start tomorrow, as it goes offshore. Not a great forecast – but they’ll need to start.

If you missed it, we’ve got a job going at Aquabumps. Being 15-25 hours a week, perfect for someone studying who needs huge wads of cash. Bucketloads of the stuff.

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Come work with us

Wilbur Ryall tuning in. He's a little ripper! Get to school


Sliding into the shorey, South Bondi 7:30am

My beloved Specialized Como E-bike


Geez, the Bondi Post office looking different these days


Who let this guy out - Paul Williams


Lip punch, Bondi


Icebergs fashion show - crocs and bikinis, stripe footie socks for swimming



Kiddies pool


Chipping in, Bondi 7:00am


Repeat after me "I must have Aquabumps artwork on my wall, I must!"


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  1. I missed commenting on here

    So glad to be back on the mailing list after almost 10 years

    Love the photos and the witty description

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