Aquabumps Loves: Salt Gypsy Boards

There’s a new girls surfboard on the market and we hear it’s a goodie.

We caught up with Danielle Clayton, the creative behind the Salt Gypsy boards to find out a little more about her and more importantly, how her boards might help me, and all of us girls surf better.

She lives in Byron, doesn’t mind a cocktail and when she’s not surfing, she’s playing with her baby boy at the beach, reading books or sewing things. She’s teamed up with our mates and GSI and created a range of boards for girls – check em here. We spent the morning with her and found out a little more about the boards, her life in Byron and why life is better when you surf.

Originally from New Zealand, Danielle was working as a sales rep for Billabong before she found herself in the Maldives working at surf resort in 2010. She spent the next three years immersed in life onboard a surf charter boat with her now-fiancé, and started a blog – Salt Gypsy, as a way to connect with like-minded female surfers.

Somewhere along the way, she was searching for sun protection leggings to wear in the surf and couldn’t find any – so decided to make them herself. The Salt Gypsy surfwear brand was born.

After being thrown headfirst into the deep end of garment manufacturing, production launched in Bali, Indonesia where she saw firsthand the amount of waste and pollution the fashion industry creates on both a local and global scale. The mission became clear; Danielle was going to build the women’s surf company she wish existed – one that is as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. Production was re-located to Australia in 2015.

‘the inspiration comes from decades of chasing swell around different coastlines and launching with a range to suit a variety of skill levels and wave conditions for women like myself, my friends and our ocean woman community at large.’

Now in 2019, surfboards are added into the mix.

Whether you’ve just caught your first wave, or you’ve been in the water for years – they’ve got you covered.

The Dusty Longboard: Perfect for experienced beginners that feel comfortable catching waves and going down the line, to more intermediate and advanced level surfers wanting a couple of different board models in their quiver.

The Shorebird 5’5: Danielle’s personal favourite (and what she’ll be packing for Indo this year).

The Mid Tide: The best option for competent surfers wanting something for those in-between days, as well as long-boarders wanting to dip their toes into shorter mid-length boards.

Each board colour in the range reflects the original Salt Gypsy surfwear colour palettes – think of all the fun you can have mixing and matching!


‘Our hope for these boards is that they will be treasured for many years and handed down through generations.’

Shop the full range of Salt Gypsy Surfboards here.