Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Tans Take Koh Samui

We were invited and hosted by @theluxenomad to visit and experience a few of their villas on the west side of Koh Samui Island. If you like a slow pace, 30 degree days, a stunning villa on the beach and staff that cater to your every need – inclusive of a chef that will make you the best Thai food morning noon or night – this trip is for you!

The Luxe Nomad organised our itinerary and were there for everything we needed at the drop of a hat. Having people with local knowledge is equivalent a having PA on the ground and The luxe Nomads concierge service is just that – we liked it! They make travel an ease with two small energetic boys. It gives you faith that traveling with small children is both possible and enjoyable.

Silver Beach, Koh Samui Thailand

Pit stop

Our little family made the most of our 6 days in Koh Samui – one day we spent exploring the island visiting temples, Grandfathers rocks and ended up in a little fishing village called Bophut for dinner at Coco Tams. Have a drink while you swing at a bar overlooking the bay to Koh Pan Yang and then dinner at Peppina’s restaurant. We rated it!


Coco Tams

Coco Tams

One of our favourite days was spent at the Samui Elephant Haven – where rescued Elephants who have spent years being abused for tourism or for private logging are rescued and rehabilitated in a beautiful natural sanctuary with both mother and baby elephants. They are allowed to live in the jungle freely – but are fed and cared for, as they would die if released into the wild on their own.

We were able to get up close to the elephants, feed them – learn about their past and how they were rescued. It was both a heartbreaking and beautiful experience for our whole family. One we will remember forever. All proceeds are put back into saving more elephants from cruelty and tourism across Thailand – so you will feel good about this day as much as you will enjoy the experience.

We did a day tour to Ang Thong National park with these guys Grand Sea Tours. They pick you up and drop you back to your villa. Whilst it’s a great day out – it’s very touristy. Probably not our vibe. But Ang Thong itself is beautiful if you are happy to experience it with many other tourists. Otherwise splash out and get a private charter and pick a different time of day outside of when the masses are there.

We spent a morning at Samui Zipline for a few hours with the kids and we all loved this. There was only our family of 4 and another couple. It’s a beautiful part of the island and you are swinging through the tops of the trees and was very close to our villa. Highly recommend this. The staff are great, safety is a priority and the whole family will leave smiling.

We had sunset drinks at the Intercontinental – this property is beautiful and very close to our villa. Go, the gardens and dinner on the beach was special.

The 42 islands of Ang Thong National Marine Park

Good views from that hill

Thanks to @theluxenomad for a wonderful adventure with our family. Beautiful villas on the beach (we stayed at Ban Chao Lay and Villa Haineu) – with people to cater to your every need, massages on tap, they will even organise a yoga teacher or Maui Thai Boxing teacher to come to your villa for a personal one on one class. If only our boys would allow us to have relaxed a little more – this is the place to do it!

Must Do’s:
Swim at Nikki Beach
Lunch or dinner on the Beach at Lanoi – have a swim here too!
Sunset at The Intercontinental
Elephant Haven – we loved this!

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Words: Debbie Tan

Photographer: Eugene Tan