Near Bermagui & Grotta d'Opertuso

Near Bermagui & Grotta d’Opertuso

Perfect Pairs

Meet our perfect pairs

A curated selection of artworks by beach lifestyle photographer Eugene Tan.

These fine art pieces have been paired, some by location – others purely to pay homage to the ocean, light, water, colour palette or a contrast of composition.

Harmonious rhythms, a shared story to tell – allow our Gallery consultants to help you decide which pair is best suited to your space.

ABOVE PAIR / Left: Near Bermagui / Right: Grotta d’Opertuso

Palms-R-Us & Holidays

Retro & Tropical Loner

Laid-back and tropical – these pairings invite that salty, sea air into your home with open arms.

LEFT PAIR / Left: Palms-R-Us / Right: Holidays

RIGHT PAIR / Left: Retro / Right: Tropical Loner

Azzurro & Tinnies

Contrasting hues brings this iconic Bondi pairing to life as it takes you on a journey from Icebergs at South Bondi and then across the bay to the boat ramp at North Bondi.

ABOVE PAIR / Left: Azzurro / Right: Tinnies

Dreaming of the surf? Let this neutral toned pair wash away your troubles and transport you to your happy place.

ABOVE PAIR / Left: Snow / Right: Cloud 9

Swell Coming & Stillness

Vapourisation & Set a Drift

An ode to the ocean – the colourful & moody palettes above, showcase the turbulent nature of the ocean

LEFT PAIR / Left: Swell Coming / Right: Stillness

RIGHT PAIR / Left: Vapourisation / Right: Set a Drift

Shot from a helicopter, these images of Bronte evoke feelings of nostalgia and invite you in for an afternoon dip.

ABOVE PAIR / Left: Bronte Divided / Right: Bronte Baths