Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bondi 6am – much smaller, but cleaner. V.crowded
Opps…Sorry – late report today…(nope no surfing for moi)…Bondi was filled with sunshine (and people) this morning. The south swell has backed off only pushing knee to shoulder high waves into the bay. This didn’t put off a huge crowd scufflin’ to get their share of the pie. Similar situation to a demolition derby with boards and bodies flying all over the place. 1 per waves works for me. Already I’ve got 3 requests for ding repairers in the local area. Jon Coshner’s ya man in Bronte 9387-2304.

Wind is going to blow N/NE later arvo 15/20 knots, and for the next few days we can expect northerly winds + swell. This switch won’t work in favour of our Boonndee being a south facing beach – but it will kick up some wind swell over the next few days. Expect similar size for the next few days, but its usually weak. Enjoy the great weather as we approach 35 degrees on Friday and Saturday. Yeeeoeoow. Noice.

West oz is scoring some swell this week. Tomorrow looking big – 10 foot +. Um…let’s go! Need the onshores to die down…beam me over scottie…

The Chronics @ Hopetoun Jan 19
The Chronics at the Hopetoun hotel Wed 19th Jan we’re gonna donate all money from the door to Surfaid tsunami appeal.

Aquabumps on Auslife website
Auslife, an online mag from AussieBum (cossie manufacturer), has written a story on Aquabumps. Click here to read it.

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