Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picture perfect morning flooded with sunshine and gentle chilly offshores. Maximum of 25 degrees today after a chilly overnight of 16. The 3 footers of yesterday have dropped back to 1 – 2 foot, the main problem is that it’s just closing out straight. No joy there. Swim the warm water I say.

This pretty picture will change later today when a south change hits bringing clouds, rain and swell. Winds will gust up to 20 knots tonight, then it will clear again tomorrow afternoon. Surfwise *swell inbound* sniff around on Friday morning and you should score if the winds kick back around to the north as predicted. Big period stuff – 15 seconds on Friday. Doit.

Outta here.
Unfortunately won’t be around for this new swell – thanks to Telstra Satellite services, the next two weeks of Aquabumps will be broadcast from remote Indonesia…yeah baby, the glorious Mentawai Islands here we come. So the reports may be sporadic for a little while. Oh don’t wait for permission from anyone to take your next overseas trip. Just do it.


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