Monday, April 16, 2007

142 miles south of the equator.
Aahh good ole Mentawai Islands. Even though the distance from the Sumatran mainland is not great – 90 miles south to be precise…this island paradise archipelago is another world from hustle and bustle of the 242 million other people in Indonesia. This area is remote…barely see a sole. Nothing but endless palm lined pristine beaches, crystal clear water and epic waves.

For the next week or so Aquabumps will be broadcast via satellite from charter boat MV Tengirri (Thanks Telstra Sat services & Tengirri). The daily shots will be taken in some of the worlds best waves…would like to say with the world’s best surfers…but na, they’re punters, but they put out the odd hack.

Swell is pumping up here. 6-8 foot chunks with 16 second interval. Perfect. Surfing all day in 35 degree blazing heat takes off a few layers of skin…a perfect left, near the capital of the Mentawais, Tuapejat, is probably one of the most beltable waves going – and it was oorn today. Hope you’re scoring waves back in Bondi. ::uge

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