Thursday, April 19, 2007

blue series.
Doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. Not going off up here in Mentawai. Spent the morning shooting waves from the bottom before a storm hit bringing rain & wind – but not swell – yet. Word on the boats is that the next swell is due tomorrow anyway so it’s not a bad opportunity to give the body some well earned rest.

Some Mentawai background info – Lance Knight is the first western surfer to be known to surf the Mentawai Islands in the 80’s, naming Lances Right & Lances Left at Katiet. This was also known as HT’s or Hollow Trees until the tree eventually fell down. Mentawai has surf all year round, but most boats run from May to November. They say biggest months are June/July/August picking up swells from the Indian Ocean ‘Roaring Forties’ – But I reckon there is swell all year round. Tengirri our current charter boat only has a few spots left this season & they’re now taking single bookings. Contact for further information or

Surf doesn’t look that great back home. Southerly swell. Probably 2 foot at Bondi in the morning and then dropping back to knee cappers. Northerly wind pattern. Friday and Saturday not looking good at all with very small surf. Best do something else or book yourself a surf trip away. Have a great day::uge

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