Friday, August 31, 2007

usual suspects
There’s a group of guys that surf Bondi every morning, religiously. I take my hat off to them. Whether is pouring with rain, horrendously onshore, or sub artic conditions – they’re there wettie’n up. Well, you know when it’s mega flat – ’cause the usual subjects are having a day off. It’s that flat you couldn’t even surf if you wanted to. Beautiful morning though as we enter a special day of 26 degrees. Enjoy. The weekend looks…well…flat also…so the board will stay in their bags for a few more days yet.

pays to proofread
Was only kiddin’ when I said Father’s day was last Sunday (cheap ploy to get you up to the gallery). It’s actually this Sunday. For real. And maybe the old boy would like a little Aquabumps framed print for Father’s day no? Nice weather on Sunday so maybe a Bondi father’s day breakfast – Green’s, Trio, 3 Eggheads (old brown sugar), M Cafe, Sobo are my pick of the bunch. I also gave you the wrong directions to the gallery last weekend. Opps. So all those people up the other end of the street come back! 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi. (Turn right before the bus terminal in North Bondi down that little cu de sac that looks like 1 way but isn’t). Gork at some gallery pics here

Have a great day…wag work ‘n’ swim::uge

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