Monday, April 28, 2008

Indonesia arguably has some of the best surf in the word. More specifically, the Mentawai Islands has the highest concentration of world-class breaks within a 100 mile radius. The Mentawai islands are located 150 kilometres south of Padang, Sumatra, well in the middle of no where. Mentawai Islands are exposed to the extreme swells that run along west oz, refining as they travel all the way up to the volatile equatorial islands (we’re near all the earthquake activity). Indonesia is crowded – but in Mentawai you’re lucky if you see any crew other than surfers and a pack of people living on boats. Enough of the geography lesson, its pumping up here. April/May kicks of the Indo surfing session and we’ve been enjoying 4-6 foot flawless perfection for 2 days now. Enough said…it also looks like you are getting waves back home…thanks Telstra for the satellite uplink from the roof of the boat.

If you’d like to come on a 12 day boat charter like this, weaving in and out of some of the worlds best reef breaks, Tengirri (our boat) is taking bookings for 2009 and has one charter left for this year…email Anthony

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