Nice little pre-dawn bump

Morning Silk

Not bad for winter huh…dayz like these are just amazing in Sydney. Super clear skies, gentle offshore winds, warm temperatures (well for winter – big 2-oh). However the waves in Sydney aren’t of great significance today, still surfable for the overly keen. Bondi had a weak 1-2 foot wave dribbling in on multiple banks. Can’t see any improvement in size all week – so settle in for a conscientious working week.

Shipwreck Padang Padang Update

Those crazy little Balinese have been busy looting the Ho Tsai Fa No.18 (illegal fishing boat) which is currently wrecked on the Padang Padang take off zone (see). I would say by this time tomorrow all that will be left of the boat is the rudder and remnants of a hull – those Indonesians are quick off the mark on salvage rights. So even if they get the boat off the reef, not sure it will get very far… The ship’s cargo of Tuna has been feeding the local villagers for days. Tuna jaaaaffle anyone?

Last Friday night after launching the boat on the reef, the Indonesian crew hot footed up the hill towards Ulu and the skipper is no where to be found.

Rumours say there was a mutiny aboard which happened in May this year. I can think of easier places to park a boat – not lethal barrelling Padang Padang! Imagine if it was 10-12 foot Padangs and you had to swim ashore. ::uge

Early morning in the south between poles

predawn silky smooth

early morning chaos

unridden bump

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