Thick summer crowds


Well you know summer has arrived in Bondi when 5 pissed guys asked me for a light at 6am (who look like they’d been up all weekend, wired, and just wobbled out of the Bondi hotel). Or maybe it’s the fact that the beach is coated in litter, a two seater lounge has been left from yesterdays crowds and the morning surf crew has doubled. “You know when summer has hit Bondi when…” Add Your Comment here

Two weeks of flatness and we’ve been blessed with a small swell. Bondi had a 2 foot wave, being the south facing magnet that it is…with offshore winds it looks quite inviting. You’d want to paddle out soon, the SE onshores are lurking (25 knots later today).

Small waves all week, tomorrow is probably the biggest and sadly the long weekend looks tiny. Sorry folks.


Good sized set wave. Biggest its been in a while

Small right puttin' on the odd wave

Geurs, Wheelie

Summer has arrived...

66 thoughts on “Summer

  1. when my usual parking spot out the front of my place is now taken by tourists and I have to drive around for 30 mins to find one. hard to complain though when I live near the best beach in the world!

  2. when I walk from South to North just so I can pass by the tourists with their radio ghetto blasters and the families to reach my friends on the knoll…

  3. rubbers no givaway cos its 4×3 ebombs year round for 90% of the crew.
    (wetty salesmen in bondi are doing a fantastic job)
    the only way to tell is a sudden influx of sombreros in the lineup.

  4. u start running on the soft sand again, you feel like u’ve got concrete boots on and your toes don’t turn into frozen stubbs like the last time u tried 6 weeks ago…

  5. instead of darting over the cold sand to the water you amble by trying not to stare too much at the largest congregation of scantily clad hotties on the planet…….

  6. The litter on Bondi is heart breaking. I find myself picking up plastic, paper and bottles especially on the shoreline as the tide comes in and washes it into the water. On the soft sand track which we use every day you can find everything from broken glass to burger king wrappers to dog shit!
    I have been onto the council with this but the seem to be doing nothing. It seems that ticketing some bloke who has overstayed on his parking is more important that enforcing the laws they have on litter. Countless emails to the council to put some litter monitors or get creative and get people to pick up after themselves is key to the survival of Bondi. I can think of a number of ideas to clean the beach up each day especially on the weekends but the council could not care less. At this rate Bondi will be an envirnmaentl disaster in no time at which poiint all those who killed it will move on to somewhere else to do their worst.

  7. I agree with Guy, the garbage on the ground outside the take away food stores in Campbell Pde makes me feel embarrassed to be a human being. It is humanity at its worst, we have learn’t nothing.

  8. when you go for a twenty minute surf with your mate only to come back in and realise your bags are stolen with my brand new phone. wallet, towel, clothes and all!

  9. when a glorious day is blown away by a sand-blasting onshore gale, and middle Bondi is still packed with people in footy-shorts chasing frisbees

  10. you’re even less likely to go anywhere near the place. At the Bra, we get the craps if there’s more than about a thousand people.

  11. when you live in London and all your mates in Bondi start sending you pics of the beach and giving you s$%^ about the English weather.

  12. when you feel out of place in your boardies and crazy ideas start creeping into your head like, I should sunbake with oil all over me, or maybe I should get a pair of those euro shorts everyone seems to be wearing…?

  13. when swimmercam becomes a permanent fixture on the Aquabumps daily updates… the morning pre-work run becomes a slalom obstacle course ‘cos suddenly everyone wants to exercise… and when Tama seems a far better option to escape the hoards of weekend hoons :o)

  14. when us year round regulars start whinging about the influx of blow-ins as though our relo’s watched Cook sail in. life’s tough.

  15. …when the winter has already started in switzerland and the only sunshine you can see is the one on the pictures of Bondi-Beach..

  16. when all those overcooked pink babes and baldies wished they were here in belfast enjoying our 7degrees wet and windy weather to cool down……..

  17. When you see male english tourists chatting up local girls after swimming in their white Y fronts. Success rate a possible minus 10

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