Didn't expect to see a wave like this today


I was surprised to see a little wave in close to shore this morning.

Sets would have been around 2 foot, breaking left and right. Nice morning to go for a surf as its currently 27 degrees (at 8am)….which is really hot for this time of day.

Bondi Beach was packed by 7am … People everywhere kicking off their days with their own morning rituals…meditating, swimming, Chinese-fan-karate-thai-chi-thingin’?, walking the dog or dusting off after sleeping on the beach – not making it far from the Bondi Hotel.

Expect a steamy equatorial style day with 35 degrees forecasted. Enjoy it now before the winds pick up to 25 knots and the thunderstorms hit this afternoon. Surf should be similar tomorrow…(I think)


The girls getting amoungst it.

The packed corner had a few peaks

Decent left off a shallow bank.

Storm brewing above Bondi Bay

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