Tony Hawk flying high in the bowl

Tony Hawk @ Bondi

When I was a kid I was big into skating. Broke plenty of bones in my left leg. Back then Tony Hawk was a big name in skating. 20 years on…he’s still a big name in skating. He’s the Kelly Slater of the grind world. Well Hawk just rocked up to the Bondi bowl unannounced to show the local kids how its done.

Mighty fine day out there…the best. Hit the beach people and don’t forget we’re shooting from a chopper tomorrow – 2pm – 3pm at Bondi. Be on the beach and we’ll get some shots from 500 feet.

Have a great weekend ::uge

Making some shade

The crowds rocked up to see the master

Flat as...but so inviting. Leave work

2 thoughts on “Tony Hawk @ Bondi

  1. Oh my bejesus! What’s TONY HAWK doing in BONDI/SYDNEY/AUSTRALIA? Well done on getting him snapped Uge.

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