Wal dodging shipping channel markers

Harbour Surfing

This ferocious storm is terrorizing Sydney with pelting rain and howling winds. Swell has come up to a rogue 8-10 foot solid at exposed breaks. Very limited options for surfing today – but – that one novelty wave in the harbour – the one that breaks annually is pumping out a little wall…I don’t know how the swell gets all the wall down the harbour towards the Opera House…maybe it bounces of Chinamen’s, into Nudie Camp Cove and then grinds down further into the harbour before breaking on a rocky outcrop. (something like that – I am sure a scientist could explain it better). Its a miracle when it does break. It was surfable(ish) and clean earlier today…and won’t be around for long as this swell is on the decline.

Bondi was an ugly 6 – 8 foot washing machine – only surfable at the northern end. When this wind dies down there will be good waves…standby.

The winners of the 2 Fists 1 Heart Sound track are Pat Brennan and Todd Muller. Come to the Aquabumps gallery to collect.

The odd one had a wall

Battleship Rights - Biggest set of the morning

Hollow shorey breaking on the shark net

Smithy finding the rare left

4 thoughts on “Harbour Surfing

  1. Hi Eugene,

    Just a quick comment to say that your photos of Sydney Harbour are fantastic!
    Mike and I loved seeing them!

    Good on you!


  2. Hi Uge,

    I’ve long thought of how the waves make it into Nielson Park. If you stand at the top of South Head looking back down the harbour towards Nielson’s, it becomes clear that the waves refract around the Headland towards Nielson.

    Missing the waves here in Hong Kong and enjoying your posts,

    Luke Jeffries

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