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Free Car Wash

This low continues to provide rain, wind and swell. At least its toned down a little from yesterday, the wettest day of the year so far. Look on the bright side, at least all the salt has been washed off your car.

Bondi was a random 4-6 foot this morning. Not much lining up at all. More towards the north there is a few peaks, but you’d really want to be keen. (we have plenty of keen people around Bondi)

Tomorrow looks like the winds will go offshore and the swell remains making for a much better surf day. In fact the next 4 days look sweet for surfers. Nothing like what has been going on up at the Goldie…WOW…

Searching for Michael Peterson

Jolyon Hoff’s new feature film is out on MP. Three years in the making, Searching for Michael Peterson is a docudrama that tells the story of one of Australia’s greatest surfers whose career was cut short by mental illness. There is a screening this weekend Friday 3rd April @ Bondi Bowls Club from 7pm to 9:30pm.
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Peter Versus Toby

Some new crew have moved into a gallery/boutique space on my gallery street in Bondi. I’ve been curiously observing some crazy paint work going down on the shopfront – 1st a pyramid…then mixed in with an outta space theme and now Tahitian mountains? One word comes to mind…Acid. Their opening party is this Friday. Shop 1/110 Curlewis St | website

Jono, full of weeties and beltn' the close-outs

Dave Byron. Remember...its the harbour!

Dragging of the Manly ferry

Jono always finding something to hack

4 thoughts on “Free Car Wash

  1. Crikey Dave! Good to see you out there still charging! On the harbour no less!! xx Jo in Melbourne (BGSR old gal)

  2. Hello Eugene
    We met years ago now on the beach, and also in your old gallery when I brought my young niece to visit. I have a pic of you taken at the time which I must eventually post to you!!!

    I enjoy your emails as always, and couldn’t resist commenting on your new neighbours. Thought of Lemuria rather than acid. Ask them, or at least google Lemuria and see what you think!!!

    Again thanks for the delight and interest you bring into my life on a daily basis, and sincere regards

  3. Hi Uge. I am writing a paper to present at a conference in Brazil in May on some field and computational modelling of the rain event yesterday. Could I buy shots 11165 and 11162 from you to put in my presentation. The conference is on Cohesive Sediment Transport which is totally unrelated in except that the wind and swell throughout the day stopped the progression of sediment associated with storm water travelling downstream blah blah blah. Still ‘Socks and Sandals’ (it’s a term for scientists which doesn’t really apply to my generation, but trust me in the old school ranks it still rings true) of marine orientation all get a kick out of unusual storm events and associated phenomenon so the shots should prove an entertaining closer to my speech.
    I only need it in disc form as it is going in a power point.
    I will also include you or company (whatever you prefer) in the acknowledgments.
    Let me know how much and I will drop in whenever suits.
    PS I was on a boat taking measurements so I missed the session.
    Would have loved to have been there.
    All the best

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