Clearing skies (well, sort of).


Let this storm blow over and then there should be some decent waves. At this stage, Thursday/Friday will be when the wind changes. Until then, 20 knots of gale is making a total mess of the surf. No one out surfing…few morning joggers running into the breeze, scores of seagulls hovering and cooler winter temperatures.

Adios, Ugios (south de border)

PS – some people thought I am getting kick-backs on those Bali recommendations. Um, na… 100% editorial

When the carpark is this empty you know there is no waves

The Boot Slabbin'.

Howling onshores were butchering anything peaking

Gulls hovering in the strong breezes

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Hey,

    was just wondering what is in the picture

    Bondi, 6:50am | The Boot Slabbin’
    Image No. 11318

    basically in front of the slab towards the right hand corner looking at the picture.
    because surfed it yesterday and there were dolphins out


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