Ah yes, Bondi-side-on winter light - love it


Plenty of swell still around. The ocean has settled a little from yesterday’s wind-blown agitation – but not settled enough… Still bumpy and lumpy out there. North Bondi had some 1-2 footers…mid Bondi 3 footers and south end 4-5 footers. Winds are 8-13 knots of South Easterly. Tomorrow the winds should swing more around to the south creating more options like Sth Bra, Bronte and Sth Bondi. But what’s more exciting is that winds go WNW on Friday- so it should be pretty decent. Until then, enjoy the sunshine that just popped out.

Finally...clouds clearing...hello sunshine

golden highlights on the morning mist

Ian belting the close out

Rogue beasts rumbling in the corner

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