Perth Standlick hiding under one of the stormy lips

Dancing with freighters

After the great waves of yesterday the swell charts had hinted an even bigger, better day today…but it didn’t really eventuate. The swell maintained size in the 4-5 foot bracket at Bondi but the winds swung around to the SSW creating some junk in the bump. Bondi wasn’t really handling the large conditions well and peaks towards the North end were more manageable.

After a 5am chilly start, the wagon rolled south to a rocky outcrop which throws a decent lip in larger swells. It was ‘kinda’ working on intermittent sets… Sam Mac (of the Stab Mag mafia) and local golden child Perth Standlick did their best to negotiate the random slabs.

This south swell will hang around for tomorrow, tweak a bit more east and the winds will be SE (junky).

Aquabumps heads to Mentawais

Indo surf season has well and truly kicked off. From May 2-13 Aquabumps will be broadcasted from a charter boat in the Mentawai Islands(off Sumatra). Updating the site from a boat is tricky and only possible with the help of Telstra Satellite Technology (thanks Marc!) – no internet cafes out there. They’re struggling on the basics out there.

Later :: uge

PS – if you’re heading to Indo get yourself a new triple cover from Squid.

Laying down a heavy rail, Perth.

Sam Mac lining up a freight train down the line

Wheeloid floater

Tucked up tight under the lip, Standlick

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