Righthander way, way, way out the back - not a soul around


Dead quiet down the beach this morning. Nice time to be around Bondi, you can get car park where ever you want (well kinda)…and even surf a wave without the threat of a loose mini mal sending you to hospital for the week.

Despite the lack of humans present, there were waves this morning – 3 footers, semi onshore/junky and barely anyone out (hence no surfing shots today). Happy dayz.

This SE swell is dropping today, Winds: E/SE 10/15 kts tending E/NE in the afternoon. NW tomorrow morning. No substantial swells hitting Sydney this week. Plenty of rain until Thursday though.

Don’t forget Thomas Campbell’s new film, THE PRESENT, is showing at the Randwick Ritz tonight. Tickets 18 bones and available online.

Have a great week – stay dry indoors…

::uge (yooj – not pronounced oogie, Ug or Fug)

The Mayor of the local surfing community, Ricky Scott

Famous furniture designer, Michael Alvisse after his 'Bergs swim

5 thoughts on “Desolate

  1. any photos of the multiple twisters off bondi saturday morning??
    I saw them, but my friends don’t believe me! – doesn’t seem to be photos around anywhere despite the number of people i saw out with cameras!?

  2. Hi Katie,

    I saw the twisters, but didn’t get any shots – because I didn’t have my camera on me (not often, but does happen)

    Will be sure to get a shot next time.


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