Jono seems to find those tight spots, even when junky.

Stealth swells

Yesterday afternoon’s 4-5 footers at Bondi defied the swell chart predictions (was meant to be around 2-3 foot and dropping fast). Was quite good on night fall. You know you’ve got a sneaky good session at Bondi when all the surfing website authors are out for a few. I asked Ben from Coastalwatch where the mystery swell spike came from, he went in detail “the elliptical refraction from the Tasman low has spun into a westerly fashion, intensified, then flanked with ….” the man knows his stuff.

Today it has dropped off quite a bit. Was actually offshore this morning – but rather junky. Bondi was around 3 foot on sets and random. Every now and then a bomb would roll in so patience was the key. Worth a paddle, especially with very few people in the water.

The Noticeboard has made a comeback to these daily emails. Scroll down and you’ll see. If you’re looking for local accommodation I’ve heard of great results. There are only 2 ads at the bottom of this, but the website holds thousands more. (it’s free!)

Have a great day, not a great week for surfing but the long weekend should have small 2 footers and fine weather.


Brent and his new four fin baby from Dain Thomas

Tracks Ed, Luke Kennedy fresh from a recent vacation

Have to be quick on this one

Guers having trouble staying in the water

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