The professor...always out on the tear


June 1st marks the first day of winter and I don’t think it’s stopped raining since. Taking photos in the morning is getting darker and darker. Sufficient light isn’t until 7am and surfing at 4:30pm feels like night fall. Winter is here but the water is still very warm (boardies and a vest will do the trick).

Bondi had a 2-3 foot wave this morning. Nothing special. Quite weak and wobbly. If you were recently retrenched I’d be out there for sure.

Low tide 10:44am, high tide 5pm. Water temp 20 degrees. Rain and only 17 degrees on land today. Currently variable winds (glassy conditions) and NE winds will blow 8-13 knots later today.

Forecast – nothing flash with waves.

Grey clouds dominant this morning (again)

20 degree water, you can still swim.

Stirling Keen, the keenest man in Sydney.

Pick of the rights this morning

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