Bronte young gun - Caleb Reid


I was hoping this rogue swell would settle and line up better by now…which is has to some extent…but not enough. Most beaches around the Eastern Suburbs are still hard work with a large wobbly swell hitting.

Bondi was large – 4-6 footers, mostly closing out. Bronte was fat and breaking right out the back (be better with the incoming tide). Maroubra had a sandy drain pipe but not the size as it’s a dead south swell – marching past. A heinous rip at Maroubra made me work hard for these images – swam for 1.5 hrs nonstop.

Overnight the swell will drop dramatically leaving 2-3 footers at south facing beaches like Bondi. Fortunately the wind will remain offshore and sun will continue to warm up the claws of winter.

Remember, The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm should you want to cure some of those dull blank walls in your home. 151 Curlewis Street, Bondi beach Telephone 02-9130 7788

The shallow bank puttin' on a show this morning

WA's Luke Wyllie pulling in on 12 inches of water.

Stab Mag's Sam Macintosh


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