Few pipes on offer this morning. Nice and hollow before the tide came in


There are plenty of decent waves around Sydney this morning. We are currently well stocked with ENE swell…which will be dropping back a tad later today and smaller tomorrow. The sunshine is out and its WNW offshore. That’s really about all you need to know right now…so best not be sitting behind desks reading rambling emails…get wet.

Maroubra was 3-4 foot…quite hollow on the right tide…Tama – wobbly closeouts (yawn)…Bondi 2ft…Bronte wasn’t really doing it either.

The Bondi Surf Company on Campbell Parade is offering some good deals at the moment. Up to 50% off clothes and 20% of rubber.


Reef sets had some grunt.

Racey sections down the beach

Decent waves to work this morning

3-4 foot and offshore...all good

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